How Road Stallions was born!

It began in 2008 when a bunch of 11 friends decided to ride their bikes up to Mahabaleshwar for the weekend. That weekend, the fun ride that it was was, planted the seeds of an idea that would soon grow into the Road Stallions riding club. When we got back, strangely excited about this new plan, we were determined to think it through ... and do it properly. It took us many hours of hard work, lots of discussion, and way too many meetings, but we finally did it.
We were the Road Stallions.

None of us were particularly experienced riders at that point, but we were determined that this club would be about travel. About seeing new places, meeting new people...making new memories. And above all, about taking riding to a different level. At that point, Road Stallions wasn’t a Bullet Club – it was a riding club – open to all types of bikes. And we rode...and as we rode, we learned. We learned that as good as a rider may be, a group of riders is just that much better. We rode all over the state, and slowly, the realization dawned ... that to do this the right way, we needed the right bike.

Don't get us wrong, we respect all machines, but we are truly passionate about the Royal Enfields. It was a struggle, but over the course of a year, all 11 of us managed to acquire Royal Enfields. And the club was truly born.

As a club, we know that we're different. As much as we are passionate about riding, we take the safety of our riders very seriously. In fact, we're the official co-organizers of the Ride for Safety Rally organized in Mumbai every year. Every new rider in our club is taken care of on rides, and for the last 3 years, we've had at least one new member... on every ride. Each rider is guided and is taught about our riding guidelines. We strongly believe that it helps not only each individual rider grow stronger, but the club as well. And our philosophy seems to have worked because, over the last 6 years, we haven’t really had to refuse a rider.

13 years and 250 riders later, we’re still about the riding. We don’t look for members, we look for riders. We ride 15-20 times a year, and each of us notches anywhere between 20k – 30k km a year.

We are proud to hoist our flag at the top of the world every year, and we take pride in our riders individual achievements - three of our riders have completed IBA. We hope to record many big achievements over the course of the next few years - both as a club, as well as individual riders - but what matters most to us is that we're no longer a club, but a family. 

You can ask any of us and we'll tell you - Road Stallions is a family where we talk the same language - riding.

Essentially, our tagline says it expresses the essence of our existence.
Destination is Just another reason.

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