Want to Join Us?

We look forward to you joining us soon! and to become a Stallion, you need to meet the below requirements.

- Ride with the STALLIONS at least thrice in 1st six months. 
- Attend 1 club meeting in the same period. 

Once the Moderators are sure you fit in well with the pack, you will be a STALLION.

After you have become a member of Road Stallions, to retain the membership the criteria is to do minimum 5 rides in a year.     

Road Stallions ride calendar is from May to April. 

More details on the rides


All the Riders are MUST TO CARRY following things on every Ride,

Legal Documents: Valid Driving License, Valid Insurance Papers, Valid PUC, any other valid documents.

Riding Gears: Full faced Helmet, Shoes, Jeans, Riding Gloves, Knee Guards, Elbow Guards, Riding Jacket (if not then full sleeve Jacket), Riding Pant (preferably) etc. Riding gear is compulsory for pillion as well. 

Tools and Spares: Clutch and Accelerator Cable, Decomp cable, Tyre tube, Oils, Screw Drivers, Cutters, Pliers, Spanners, Wires, Fuses, Bulbs, Ropes etc.

Medical Kit: Sticky Tapes, Scissor, Gauze Pieces, Bandages, Spray, Antiseptic Creams, Painkillers, personal medicines etc.

If u wish to join, send a joining request on administrator@roadstallions.com along with your introduction.