Road Stallions Mysore


Road Stallions Mysore was founded by Sagar Narasimha, in 2013   who had been a member of Road Stallions in Mumbai for over 2 years. Inspired by the camaraderie and brotherhood of the Road Stallions Family at Mumbai, he realised that he wanted to continue the legacy in his hometown of Mysore. When he moved back to Mysore, he took back with him the core philosphies of the club - responsible and safe riding, solidarity among riders and the will to test the boundaries of riding.
And Road Stallions Mysore was born.

Today, Road Stallions Mysore is 15 members strong, and has over 22000 Kilometers chalked up on their odometers. Road Stallions Mysore has an inclusive philosophy, and has riders not just from Mysore, but from Bangalore and Kochi as well! With 8 rides down, and a million to go, Road Stallions Mysore has a love of the thump that is unbeaten!

Road Stallions Mysore 2013-14

Chikkamagalur - 750 kms 
Goa Rider Mania - 1500kms 
Rameshwaram - 1400kms
Shimsha - 200kms
0oty - 400kms
Bhemeeshwari - 180kms
Rottikalu - 400kms
Bisle ghat - 440kms
 Panchgani Road Stallions Mumbai Anniversary - 1885 kms