Road Stallions Bullet Club makes the safety of its members it's biggest priority.

We believe that responsible riding is the key to enjoying a ride, and we have rules to ensure that all our riders are properly attired and geared before every ride. Indeed, we take this stricture so seriously that if you don't wear any of the below gear, you aren't allowed to ride with us. This goes for both the rider, as well as the pillion.

Full Face Helmets: To those who aren't used to them, full face helmets may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but you'll get used to it in time. What a full face helmet does for your protection really can't be ignored. It protects the lines of your jaw, cheekbones and nose from impact. Data also shows that full face helmets are better for impact protection and can reduce the chances of cerebral injuries in the case of accidents. At Road Stallions, it's always each to his or her own, but some of the most popular brands we use are Studds, LS2, THH and Cross.

Armour: At Road Stallions, we believe in armour. You may think that the chances of you losing your life because of not wearing proper body armour is low, but it takes only one time, doesn't it? We insist on riding jackets/pants with arnour for our riders, or at the very least, elbow and knee guards for our riders and pillions both.

Gloves: A small, but often neglected item, proper riding gloves can protect the delicate bones and tendons of your hands from extensive damage.

Riding Boots: A good pair of riding boots is a must, and this is a topic that's often hotly debated within us. Good riding boots can often be expensive, but many of our members have found acceptable substitutes at very affordable rates (steel-toed, ankle protected, calf length, toughened leather boots) at various stores in Mumbai.

Bike Safety: It goes without saying that regular servicing and maintenance of your bikes are expected of you in order to ride with us. There is no getting around the fact that the slightest loss in control can lead to some nasty situations, so we always come prepared.

Documentation: It is the responsibility of every rider who rides with us to ensure his/her documents are valid and up to date. This is necessary to ensure that the entire ride isn't brought to a halt through the carelessness of one rider... not to mention that it's illegal!

This may sound awfully dictatorial, but at the end of the day. all of us in Road Stallions realise how important safety is, and we personally and proactiavely take every effort to ensure our safety of every single rider with us. It isn't just a rule, it's a creed and maxim. One we live by.